This political moment in Michigan demands an experienced leader of strong character, principles, and faith, and nothing less.  


The governor doesn't trust the citizens to take in information and make decisions that will keep each other safe while still working hard to keep our communities strong. I do. I have said from the start Michiganians are smart and capable enough to protect one another while doing their work and staying in touch with their families. And I am an attorney on a legal team filing suit against the governor on behalf of a Michigan citizen whose Constitutional rights were violated by Governor Whitmer's orders. As your next state representative, I'll take a strong, conservative approach to help the job providers and hard workers in our district climb out of the wake of this pandemic that will be felt for years.

On Right to Life

In 2018, doctors in Michigan performed 26,716 abortions, a staggering crisis of mass, legalized killing of innocent human lives. We must stop Governor Whitmer's Reproductive Health Act which would wipe-out Michigan’s pro-life laws and make abortions legal throughout pregnancy.  


My passion for the pro-life cause is lifelong. I have prayed outside abortion clinics, attended rallies, volunteered at an indigent health care clinic, and supported pro-life organizations and leaders ever since I was a kid. I’m ready to continue the fight for the right to life for unborn Americans.

On the Second Amendment

Passed by Congress in September of 1789 and ratified in December 1791, the Second Amendment is the "right of the people to keep and bear Arms."  Our founders saw that armed individuals are "necessary to the security of a free State," and that the government must not infringe on that right.   When I was 18, I was given the Jeanne E. Bray Memorial Scholarship from the National Rifle Association to attend Hillsdale College and study the Constitution and politics.  

The Left doesn't trust us to live as free and equal citizens, who can responsibly contribute to the defense of our own lives and property.  I do.  As your next state representative, I'll defend your God given rights to life, liberty, and property, including the right to bear arms.

On Government Waste

For tax and spend liberals, taxing the people or borrowing money is always an easy answer for short-term "results." But that kicks the can down the road and crushes our children and grandchildren with debt. I have five children, and I care about the Michigan that they’ll live in after my generation and is done with it. The people of Hillsdale and Branch Counties support responsible small government.  

Governor Whitmer selling bonds to fund state highways in primarily urban areas like Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detroit is just the latest chapter in the book of wasteful, irresponsible financial mismanagement.  We wouldn’t run our households or small businesses like that, and we shouldn’t run our government that way either.

On Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is a cornerstone for America and very personal to me.  Lauren and I are devoted members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Hillsdale, serving in our churches since we were children, as our children are learning to do.  It is the duty of the government to ensure that all Americans are free to exercise religion in accordance with their consciences, and not be forced to choose between complying with their faith and complying with the law.  Our First Amendment’s protections of the freedoms of speech, assembly, and religion are precious, and as state representative I will stand up for our Constitutional heritage every single day.

On Education

It's critical the children of Michigan have the best education available to them, and we know firsthand that families must be given the freedom to choose what works best for their children.  The Left doesn't trust parents.  I do.  I trust them to know their children best, better than legislators and bureaucrats.  Let's start with public schools where most of Michigan's children go, whose teachers and administrators work hard to keep pace with the yo-yo of requirements, paperwork, funding, and curriculum changes the bureaucrats come up with. And other options are also important: whether charter, hybrid, virtual, private, or homeschool. The Left wants to control your choices as parents.  As your next state representative, I'll fight to bolster all the educational options, because I believe each is important to the health and freedom of education in Michigan, and its foundation: the family.