"Your support and leadership will be absolutely essential in restoring the basic right to life to the most helpless members of our human family." - Right to Life of Michigan PAC solely endorsed Andrew Fink for State Representative
"The POAM represents over 12,000 law enforcement employees throughout the State of Michigan and is the largest such organization in our state." - POAM solely endorsed Andrew Fink for State Representative
Ken Kurtz
Former State Representative, 58th District
Ann Vrablic
Branch County Treasurer
Kurtis Wilder
Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice
Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan PAC
Don Vrablic
Former Branch County Commissioner and retired police officer
Mike Shirkey
Senator of Michigan's 16th District and Senate Majority Leader
Bob Godfrey
Hillsdale County Road Commission Chair
 Don Sanderson 
Retired District Judge, Hillsdale
Don Denning
Commander of American Legion Post 53, and a Marine Corp veteran
 Neal Brady
Hillsdale County Prosecutor
Russ Jennings
Algansee Township Supervisor
Susy (Heintz) Avery
Former State Republican Party Chair for Michigan
Doug Campbell
Coldwater realtor
Sheila Alley 
California Township Supervisor
Greg Stuchell
Hillsdale City Councilman
Mark Case
Pastor of California Community Church
Edwin Dane
Moscow Township Clerk
Jeff Lantis 
Director of External Relations for Athletics, Hillsdale College
Robert Mayer
Branch County Road Commission Chair
Alicia Galloway
Hillsdale Realtor
Dan Johnson
Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Connie Sexton 
President, Hillsdale Heritage Association
Jaminda Springer 
school headmaster
Bryan Springer 
Creative Director, Hillsdale College
Jim Krontz
Chair of the Bronson Chamber of Commerce
Dan Spencer
Chiropractor in Hillsdale and Homer; President of Chiro Congress
Jim Drews
Paul Plant 
Accountant in Coldwater
Jenny Krontz
Small business owner in Bronson
Michelle Spencer
Hillsdale mom
Rick and Tammy Tropiano
Restaurant owners and Pro-Life advocates
Chris Sumnar
 Small business owner in Hillsdale
Ray Weinberg
Former Branch County GOP Executive Commitee member 
Royal and Lucille Vanaken
longtime Pro-Life activists
Marylou Ansari 
retired social worker
Paul Moreno
Constitutional history professor, Hillsdale College
Patrick Whalen
Marine Corps Captain and local small business owner
Kristi Whalen
French tutor and mom
Marylou Ansari
retired social worker
Matt Young
Small Business Owner
Hermalinda and Paul Marsh
retired Hillsdale residents
Ben Whalen
Hillsdale College professor
Diane Potok
retired public school teacher
Dick and Susie Stack
veteran and retired public school teacher
Calvin Stockdale
higher education fundraiser and musician
Caleb Davis
ER doctor
Jeremiah and Brianna Regan
graduate student/gun rights advocate and Hillsdale mom
Katie Stockdale
mom of five
David Whalen
College professor
Rob Olson
retired public school teacher
Eleanor Leutheuser
City of Hillsdale
Nichole Ellis
Mike Harner
Navy Commander, Chief Staff Officer, President's Office, Hillsdale College
Connie Gale
Somerset Township
Charles Watkins
Woodbridge Township Trustee
Patrick Flannery
Treasurer, Hillsdale College
Garry Draper
Sharon Draper
Retired Hillsdale Hospital staff member of 40 years
Scott Sessions
Former Hillsdale Mayor
Dennis Armstrong
Retired Army veteran in Coldwater
Tony Vear
Hillsdale City Council Member
Johanna Wisely
Career Planning, Hillsdale College
Bob Galloway
Camden business owner
Glen Ziegler 
Retired Hillsdale attorney
Keith and Becky Brown
City of Hillsdale
Jim Eash
Bronson resident and retired Matteson Township Planning Commission member of 20 years
Jennifer Wortz
Adam Carrington
Professor at Hillsdale College
Nathan Schlueter
Hillsdale College professor
Ron Budd
Business owner 
Emily Carrington
Hillsdale mom of 2
Elizabeth Schlueter
Hillsdale mom of 9, pro-life advocate, and state director of Cana Vox
Matt Schlientz
Hillsdale College Vice President of Marketing
Julie Budd
Elementary school teacher
Carin Harner
Retired elementary school teacher
John Cervini
Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Hillsdale College
Sue Cervini
Hillsdale Women's Commissioner
Mark Henry
Veteran, Hillsdale resident
Sharon Vaughan
Kevin Gainer
Retired Marine Corps veteran, City of Hillsdale 
John Houtz
Former Branch County Commissioner and retired prison guard
Jim Knaack
Branch County City Council member
Renee Roth
Alumni Operations Manager, Hillsdale College
Blake McAllister
Philosophy and Religion Professor, Hillsdale College 
Bill Brownlee
Marine Corps veteran, City of Hillsdale
James Postula
Bobby Daniels
Marine Corps veteran, resident of Allen
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Paid for by Andrew Fink for State Representative, 64 E. Hallett St., Hillsdale, MI 49242
Use of Andrew Fink's military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the United States Marine Corps, Department of the Navy, or the Department of Defense.